I Dont Know What To Do With My Hands

As human beings, we are wired to communicate with one another, whether through verbal or nonverbal means. While words are essential, body language can speak volumes, especially when it comes to expressing ourselves and building connections with others. However, many of us struggle with using our bodies effectively, particularly when it comes to our hands. If you find yourself constantly wondering what to do with your hands, you are not alone. In this article, we’ll explore this common phenomenon and share some tips on how to cope.

Why Are We So Awkward with Our Hands?

The awkwardness we feel when we don’t know what to do with our hands can be attributed to several factors. For one, we tend to overthink things, especially when we’re in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. When we’re anxious, our brains tend to focus on the things that could go wrong, which can make us feel self-conscious and awkward. Additionally, we may lack confidence in our body language, which can lead to uncertainty about how to use our hands effectively.

Tips for Coping with Awkwardness

Practice Mindfulness

One way to cope with awkwardness is to practice mindfulness. By focusing on the present moment and letting go of negative thoughts, you can reduce your anxiety and feel more relaxed. Mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing or visualization exercises, can help you become more comfortable in your body and more aware of how you’re using your hands.

Find a Natural Resting Position

Another way to cope with awkwardness is to find a natural resting position for your hands. Some people feel comfortable with their hands in their pockets, while others prefer to hold onto something, like a drink or a phone. Experiment with different positions and find what works best for you. Keep in mind that it’s okay to switch things up, depending on the situation.

Use Gestures Intentionally

Using gestures intentionally can also help you feel more confident and in control of your body language. For example, you can use your hands to emphasize your words or to convey a specific emotion. Just be mindful of how you’re using your gestures, as excessive or inappropriate gestures can be distracting or off-putting.


Finally, the more you practice using your body language, the more comfortable you will become. Start by practicing in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend or family member. Pay attention to how you’re using your hands and try to make small adjustments. Over time, you’ll develop a greater sense of ease and confidence with your body language.


Feeling awkward about what to do with your hands is a common experience, but it doesn’t have to hold you back. By practicing mindfulness, finding a natural resting position, using gestures intentionally, and practicing, you can become more confident and in control of your body language. Remember, your body language is a powerful tool for communicating with others, so don’t be afraid to embrace it!


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